ER 2016

The 35th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling

Nov. 14-17, 2016, Gifu, Japan


Big Data and Conceptual models: Are they mutually compatible?

Nov. 15 (Tue), 11:00-12:30

Moderator: Sudha Ram


Data Semantics and conceptual models have been important topics for a long time especially in the last decade with the advent of Semantic Web. In today's world we are witnessing large volumes of data arriving at high velocity from a variety of sources. It also appears that the conceptual modeling field is not receiving as much attention with the dawn of the Big Data era. However, conceptual models may be more critical than ever, since we need to extract semantics from various Data Lakes to be able to use the information contained on them. Do we need to shift our thinking to figure out how data semantics and conceptual models should be addressed to cope with Big Data. How do we identify directions for future research that can marry conceptual modeling and semantics with Big Data?