ER Fellows

2023: Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau
2023: Giancarlo Guizzardi
2022: Alberto Laender
2022: Eric Yu
2021: Jacky Akoka
2021: Carson Woo
2020: José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira
2020: Stefano Rizzi
2019: Nicola Guarino
2019: Juan Carlos Trujillo
2018: Stephen W. Liddle
2018: Jeffrey Parsons
2017: Maurizio Lenzerini
2017: Peter Scheuermann
2016: Lois Delcambre
2016: Paul Johannesson
2015: Carlo Batini
2015: Paolo Atzeni
2014: Yair Wand
2013: Heinrich C. Mayr
2013: Veda C. Storey
2012: Jean-Luc Hainaut
2012: Il-Yeol Song
2011: Hannu Kangassalo
2011: John Mylopoulos
2010: Antoni Olivé
2010: Oscar Pastor
2010: Arne Sølvberg
2009: Peter P. Chen
2009: David W. Embley
2009: Tok Wang Ling
2009: Sudha Ram
2009: Stefano Spaccapietra
2009: Bernhard Thalheim

The ER Fellows Award is an honor given to selected individuals in the conceptual-modeling community in recognition of their contributions to ER research, ER education, and ER community service. Since the annual ER conference is the flagship conference for the conceptual-modeling community, special consideration is given to candidates who have a sustained publication record in the conference proceedings, a record of encouraging students and others they mentor to become actively involved in the conference, and strong involvement in and service to the conference such as serving as a PC co-chair, conference chair, or steering-committee chair. Notwithstanding this intentional bias, ER Fellows may be selected from the broader community when they have clearly made significant research, education, and service contributions to conceptual modeling and continue to be actively involved in ER-community affairs.